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Prom Night 

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The Spanking


You must first understand that my sisters and I were raised VERY strictly......there was none of the modern "parenting" nonsense....we had bottoms and Mom knew exactly what they were there for.....misbehave while shopping and it was right to the powder room bench.....bad table manners got you spanked right at the table in front of everybody.....not being a young lady in ANY way meant going across Mom's lap with your dress up while she warmed your panties with her hand.....it was a rare day that any of us escaped without at least one good spanking for something.....

For more serious things like talking back or a bad report card, there was a trip upstairs to the bedroom.....you were dragged by the arm while getting your fanny swatted all the way up the stairs.....then Mom would sit at the vanity, pull you across her knee , scoop up your dress and pull your panties to your knees.....and pick up the hairbrush....and take the next five minutes making sure you really would not be sitting down the next day.....I have no idea how many spanks I would get (I wasn't counting).....but it was plenty.....she started above one knee, spanked all the way to your waist and then down the other side....missing not a single inch.....then held you down while she lectured....and then just BLISTERED the spank spot on your lower bottom for about a minute just as hard as she could......and sent you screaming down the hall to bed for the rest of the day.....and if the next day was a school day.....sitting on those wooden seats...oh my......

We girls were spanked from when we could remember until we left home.....I got my last one when I was about 22 and in college.....

Well...prom night....I had a dress to die for.....satin and lace and petticoats out to here.....and had a wonderful time...and got home two hours late.....halfway through the kiss on the front porch, I was YANKED into the house and my date was told to get himself inside....and there was a chair in the middle of the living room with Mom's hairbrush on it.....and she proceeded to describe to my date in perfect detail what she was about to do with it and that she would be calling his father etc......then she put him out the door and told him to stay there and listen to what he earned me.....(I simply begged her to send him away first...no chance)......then over I went, my gown and crinolines over my head, my stockings and panties at my feet, and Mom' just simply spanked the living daylights out of me....it MUST have been over 100 spanks.....I was just limp by the time she was done.....then I was sent to my room and my date was sent home......and the next morning before breakfast....DAD! put me across his knee in front of the whole family and ironed the back of my skirt with the paddle he used on the boys...you could hear the crack of it landing a block away.....and even through my skirt it was worse than the hairbrush.....25 swats with his whole arm.....very slow.....then I spent the entire weekend in my room execpt for meals and was grounded for a month....

I was never late getting home again.....

Bare bottom spanking.